Tok’ra – Horizon EP [Pureuphoria Records]

Tok’ra – Horizon EP

New release out, “Horizon” contains 3 tracks, each with their own sound. Starting off with a light track, “Birds Flying into the Horizon” which features Approaching Black’s beautiful pianos which he is known for.  Floating atmospheres and exploring soundscapes brings out the introspection of the moment.

“Harness the Suns Warmth” brings energy to the EP with it’s rolling bassline and melodic journey and story driven lead, 2 sounds dancing around eachother as the they talk to eachother. This is the first track of 2 track story, with “Warm and Glowing Sunset” coming at a later date.

The EP ends with “Jaffa Insight”, dark chords that follow haunting bells into the dark abyss.





Horizon EP

01 – Tok’ra feat. Approaching Black – Birds Flying into the Horizon
02 – Tok’ra – Harness the Suns Warmth
03 – Tok’ra – Jaffa Insight