PAV – Understanding the Return (2015)

Two years on from the emergence of his last experiment, there is nothing left but a faint transmission of his sounds relaying across the universe. Resonating across the uninhabited spaces of this bleak galaxy that consumes him, stuck with nothing but the rearrangement of his deranged mind. It leaves a desolate chasm of memories and thoughts, the neurons struggle to find connections or paths, which is too much like his own fate as he accelerates into blackness showing no sign of slowing down. The only thing more uninhabited than his mind is the space around him, but one connection is made, one thought, one echo in his mind, ‘No. You can’t go there’.
He drifts towards blackness, not knowing when he will ever find a place to land.

1 Psychoacoustic Vision – Rearrangement
2 Bioxeed – A Derangement of the Mind (Psychoacoustic Vision Remix)
3 Psychoacoustic Vision – Understanding the Return (Caustic Conception Mix)
4 Psychoacoustic Vision – You Can not Go There